You’re ready to do it. You have an open summer ahead of you, and you’re finally ready to get started on building that sunroom addition that you and your wife have always wanted. You’ve got the carpentry skills, but the other parts of the job are what has you thinking. Where are you going to put all the trash, hunk, and other debris that comes with a construction project?

If you want to make your project easier, you aren’t going to load up your truck to head to the dump a dozen times, you’d rather get all your trash out with one fell swoop, like through a junk removal service.

Junk removal services offer more than a dumpster when you need to clean out your basement, they can also help with construction trash and debris as well, so how does it work?

More About Construction Debris Removal and Disposal

Your first step is to make a preliminary call to your local and reputable junk removal service. During that time, you can discuss the job, what materials you will use, timeframes, how much trash you think there will be, and so forth. This information helps the construction removal team know what they’re up against, and what type of services you will need to get the job done right.

After everyone is informed on the job, you and the junk removal team will schedule a time for a roll-off dumpster or similar receptacle delivery. Your junk removal company may give you directions on giving them access, what can and can’t go in the dumpster and other applicable directions.

You get the dumpster delivered where you want it, and now all you have to do is work on your project and fill up that dumpster with your construction debris. What can and can’t go into the dumpster depends on the junk removal service and what type of receptacle is delivered.

After you’re finished, give the removal service a call, and they’ll send a team over to get the dumpster or receptacle off your property and out of your way, simple as that!

Note: Most junk removal companies will take care of recyclables for you. Let them know what you’re dumping so they can make recommendations.

So, the next time you have a construction project ready, don’t pray that the home improvement store has one of those fall apart bags, call a junk removal service company for easy trash and cleanup