What happens when you have a dead laptop, a television that’s past its useful life, or a cathode-ray tube watch that’s been around since the dinosaurs? Ideally, you would throw them out, but take a journey of ten unique homes anywhere in the country and you’ll find that nine of those homes contain some old or recycled electronics.

Ask people why they’re holding onto these old or dead electronics and you’ll hear, “I know they’re supposed to be recycled, so I can’t throw them out. I haven’t gotten around to it.” There’s a point to this, finding a place to drop-off for your old electronics can be a pain, but not with a junk removal service. Let’s learn how a junk removal service can help you out with your electronics removal, disposal, and recycling.

Using Junk Removal Services for Electronics Removal and Disposal

When most homeowners think of junk removal companies, they think of large-scale junk removal from the home of pack-rats, but there are plenty of services offered by junk removal companies other than large-scale residential pickups, like electronics removal and disposal.

How it Works

  • Call up a few junk removal services in your local area. Ask if they dispose of and recycle electronics and old electronic appliances, most of them do.
  • Choose a junk removal company that is a fair balance between customer service and price.
  • Talk to your chosen company to discuss what type of electronics you need to be disposed of, where they are in the home, an agreed upon date for pickup and any other pertinent information

NOTE: Always ask any electronic pickup service about their hard drive wiping policy. Be certain that any hard drives or information you turn over to recyclers will be erased or otherwise destroyed. Even if that hard drive crapped out and hadn’t been used for years, criminals can still try to fish information from old electronics, and they’re successful.

  • Follow any directions given to you for your pickup day.
  • Stay out of the way while you watch your old and dusty electronics disappear.
  • Done!

When it comes to getting all that old electronic junk getting hauled from your home, you’re probably looking at two phone calls at most. If you want a straightforward way to get, those electronics taken off your hands, and disposed of properly, go with a junk removal service.