The job of a homeowner’s association (HOA) is not to just make sure everyone’s grass is kept to a certain size, but to also help out the residents that live in their HOA.

Many HOAs offer different types of convenient services around the year, but not many are as helpful as a bulk HOA cleanup. A bulk HOA cleanup allows members of your HOA to leave out items for pickup that are too heavy or bulky for typical municipal trash service.

If you want to provide this service for your HOA, you will need to enlist the help of a junk removal company. Let’s learn how a junk removal company can help with bulk HOA cleanup.

HOA Bulk Cleanup Services Through Junk Removal Services

A junk removal service can be your HOA’s heling hand through quarterly, biannual, or annual bulk pickup services. What can a junk removal service help with?

  • Furniture removal and disposal
  • Appliance removal and disposal
  • Lawn and landscaping debris removal and disposal
  • Recycling removal and disposal
  • Bulk material removal and disposal (e.g. leftover construction scrap from your HOA’s new phase.)

How HOA Bulk Cleanups Work

Send out flyer or email and let your homeowners know well in advance that you have scheduled bulk pick up on their behalf.

Get any applicable instructions from a local and reputable junk removal service such as what they can and can’t take, where homeowners should place the materials, what type of access is needed, the number of homes to be serviced and more. Pass along any pertinent information to your homeowners so they’re ready as well. Let your homeowners know any prospective dates and instructions as soon you do. The more residents participating and the more junk you can get moved, the better.

From there the homeowners in your HOA will simply follow the instructions, and get their excessive junk, scrap, and assorted debris out of their homes, leaving your entire HOA clean and organized.

Thank your HOA residents by helping them get rid of their unwanted junk through the help of a junk removal service. When your residents are happy and organized, the whole HOA is happy and organized.