It seemed like such a good investment at the time, but three years later and your hot tub sits covered, nasty, and unused. If there are two things that people love to buy but don’t like to keep up with, it’s boats and hot tubs.

There are anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand old, unused, or broken hot tubs dotting the back patios and basements of American properties, so why don’t these people toss them?

Have you ever tried moving a hot tub around?

Most of these hot tubs remain on properties because people don’t want to have to deal with having them moved. Having your old hot tub picked up and taken off your property isn’t as difficult as you might think. Let’s learn more about getting your hot tub picked up and disposed of.

How Hot Tub Removal and Disposal Works

Pick out a local and reputable junk removal service. If you live in a medium city, there should be many services available. Pick the one that has the best balance between price and customer service, not price only.

Once you’ve picked your junk removal service, they may ask you to take measurements or pictures of the hot tub. They may provide this service by themselves depending on the company.

You and the junk removal company will agree upon a date for removal.

The junk company arrives at your house. They will likely not need your help at all when it comes to the actual removal and will likely even encourage you to stay away from the area during removal. No need to prove you’re a strongman, let the professionals take care of business.

The removal company may help clean the site, though this service will be dependent on the company.

The truck takes off and congratulations, no more hot tub! And no worries about recycling, the junk removal company will take care of that on their end.

So if you have a hot tub that’s doing a better job of being a mosquito larvae incubator than actually warming you, it’s time to get it out of there. Call a local and reputable junk removal company to get that hot tub gone and done with without you lifting a finger.