How to Schedule Your Roof Replacement During COVID-19

Denver Roofing

COVID-19 has brought Colorado to a grinding halt, but that doesn’t mean every industry has shuttered their windows, like roofing companies.

Construction, including roof replacements and repairs, are considered essential business during the current slate of lockdowns since roofing protects the integrity of your home. If you’re in need of a spring roof replacement or repair during the crisis it’s not impossible, but there are changes to the way roofing companies are currently going about their business.

Let’s learn how to schedule your roof replacement during the COVID-19 pandemic including how to get a bid without an in-person meeting.

Social Distancing Compliant Roof Bids

We’ve heard it again and again – keep at least six feet from others during the COVID-19 crisis. Traditionally most roofing companies like to schedule in-person meetings where the roofer can sit down with you in your living room to discuss your project but that’s not a possibility during the current pandemic.  

Instead, most roofing companies are going about their normal routine, but with social distancing compliant bids. During the pandemic a roofing consultant can arrive at your property during a pre-scheduled time and inspect your roof without ever ringing the doorbell or breaking the six-foot recommendation.

Instead of going from your roof to your living room to discuss possible estimates and bids, a roofer will take pictures and relay information regarding your roof, its condition, and any necessary repairs by email, phone, or video chat.

Insurance Inspections During COVID-19

If your roofer suspects damage that qualifies for an insurance claim, they can get in contact with your insurance agency for an adjustment call. Like your local roofing consultant, an insurance adjuster can climb your roof, inspect all facets, and leave without ever coming within six feet of others or leaving contaminated surfaces behind. As long as homeowners don’t climb the roof and try to buddy up with inspectors – all social distancing recommendations are met.

Taking Care of Roofing Issues During the COVID-10 Crisis

Because roofing is considered essential industry and because all parts of a roof replacement can be performed while following all CDC and local guidelines, Colorado’s roofing industry is still open for business.

If you’ve been putting off a repair or replacement or are worried about stay at home orders, rest assured reputable roofers follow all guidelines and have full permission from the state to perform their essential duties. If you have more questions about a replacement during the COVID-19 crisis, pick up the phone and talk to your local reputable roofer to find out exactly how they can help your home while keeping you safe.