Kelly Kosky

Kelly Kosky Ministries, founded by Kelly Kosky, is a group of organizations dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ through building and instructing ministries. Currently, Kelly Kosky Ministries has 12 ministries and growing. Their mission statement reads as follows: “We are aware that people while pursuing professional education and various Biblical studies, may not have the time or desire to engage in long-term planning and counsel. We, therefore, undertake to share the Gospel to the hurting and the lost, to show the mercy of God through our ministry, and to instruct the lost and the crippled.”

One of their more popular ministries is the Youth Ministry. Youth Ministries seeks to build relationships with the young people of God, instill the principles of the Gospel in their lives, and prepare them for the future. Youth Ministries also teach important values such as self-examination, responsibility, and obedience.

The ministries of Kelly Kosky are also active in the lives of the elderly. They have ministry programs for the elderly that seek to strengthen relationships between the elderly and God. The ministry of Kelly Kosky helps to prepare senior citizens for the “life after death” by teaching them the importance of prayer, the Bible, and how to live in accordance with those teachings. In fact, Kelly Kosky even has a facility dedicated to helping those who are dying

The ministries of Kelly Kosky also include” pastors’ Seminars.” These seminars are designed to introduce and train young pastors. Those who participate usually meet weekly to discuss topical issues and apply Bible truths to their daily lives. Pastors can learn about and use more resources to minister to their communities.

Kelly Kosky also holds monthly Bible studies. he leads a group of women on a week-long trip to the Holy Land to explore the land and Biblical places. During the trip, the women share stories of their travels, challenges they have faced, and the Word they have received. Each week, one member of the group will be given a new Bible study while the others share the ones they have read. The ladies travel with other couples and friends. This program allows those who have been challenged by life to go out of the situation and enjoy God’s Word while they are with others who have found the courage to walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

All of Kelly Kosky’s ministries are geared towards the goal of transforming lives. Families are helped by providing them with the tools necessary for them to face the challenges of being single or married. Young single Christians are empowered to choose a direction in life and follow it. Through his programs, he teaches Christian women how to become caring, sensitive, and nurturing women who have been transformed by the grace of God. Every single day, thousands of Kelly Kosky volunteers are making a difference in the lives of countless others.