You’re proud. You just purchased the site of your first real brick and mortar office for your startup. You walk in to check out your future digs and you quickly discover an issue, they left all the furniture!

This situation may be a little out of the ordinary but there are plenty of situations in which you need an office cleaned out such as waste removal after a move, prepping an old office for a new tenant, or all the old office junk that can be left behind when a business goes under.

So when you got an office that needs cleaning up, who are you going to call? Your local junk removal service. A junk removal service is the perfect company for office or office complex cleanup.

Office and Office Complex Cleanup by Junk Removal Services

  • Electronics removal, recycling, and disposal
  • Demolition cleanup services
  • Site preparation services
  • Bulk construction material removal and disposal
  • Office equipment disassembly, removal and disposal
  • Moderate demolition services (e.g. tearing down partition walls and other medium-eight office equipment)
  • Dumpster delivery and removal

How Bulk Office Cleanup Works

Most junk removal services can tackle an office complex cleanup one of two ways.

Debris Removal Service Only

In this type of office cleanup service. A junk removal service can deliver and pickup the necessary components if you are doing the heavy lifting on your own. This includes recycling receptacle delivery and pickup, dumpster and roll-off delivery and pickup, and other types of receptacles.

You schedule a pickup date with the junk removal service, or give them a call when it’s full and they will whisk it away to the proper facilities.

Full-Service Office Cleanup

Full-service includes the actual cleanup of the jobsite by expert junk removal personnel. If you want to get the cleanup project taken care of quickly and efficiently, then full-service is the best way to go that route.

Your first step for any office or complex cleanup is to get a consultation from your local and reputable junk removal service. With consultation you’ll get matched with the best personnel, equipment, and price for the job. With a junk removal service, any office complex cleanup will be easier than tossing paper in the shredder.